Top New York City Sports Related Attractions from Arlo NoMad

New York City boasts iconic buildings, art, and cuisine. It’s also home to some iconic sports attractions that make it a perfect destination for the sports nut. At Arlo NoMad we welcome the city’s sports fans, and encourage them to explore all of the attractions the city has to offer.

For the basketball enthusiast, consider heading up to Harlem for some action at Rucker Park, the place where NBA legends were born, and many players visit during the year. The park features high-intensity pickup games that rival many of those played by the pros.

Of course, if you visit during the summer or early fall, there’s nothing like a Yankees game. The new stadium built in 2009 features many of the notable elements of the “House that Ruth Built” that sits across the street. The limestone building and many of the details look like the old place, but it also features modern conveniences like cupholders and a dazzling scoreboard. For an extra special game, buy tickets when the Red Sox are in town.

The other iconic sports team in town is the New York Knicks. Getting to Madison Square Garden is easy, as it’s just a 10-minute half-mile walk from Arlo NoMad. Since the Knicks play in the heart of Manhattan, it’s easy to grab a bite to eat before or after the game. At the game, dive into some eats from a Carnegie Deli location and other food vendors that represent some of the best food in NYC.

New York City is not only a great place to watch sports, it also is perfect for active participation. Take a morning jog in Central Park. Ride your bike from the Financial District to the Upper West Side, or across the Brooklyn Bridge. There’s hundreds of parks and tennis courts that help you see the city in a new light and shed all those bagel and pizza calories.

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