Benefits of a Virtual Medical Office Receptionist

Most of the health care providers are struggling hard to meet both the ends due to the growing demand for efficient staff and an increase in staffing costs. To cut down the costs of staffing and improve the efficiency of staff, virtual medical office receptionist is the best choice. Virtual receptionist is a cost-effective way to answer the incoming calls from various patients without any delay. By installing this service in your medical office, you will receive calls from clients even after normal office hours. This makes your business to stand out from the rest because most of the businesses are depending upon the standard medical answering services.

The major benefit of this service is that the patients can make appointments 24/7. Hence, a virtual receptionist is dependable and reliable for those who want to cut down the costs. The virtual receptionist will respond to phone calls in a natural and friendly voice. The patients can cancel the appointments by using the same service. A mutual trust is developed between the doctors and patients gradually as the medical answering service receives calls from patients regardless of time. A speech recognition system is used by the virtual medical office receptionist to handle the calls regularly.

This virtual medical answering service decreases the number of patient no-shows reducing the wastage of money. Patient no-shows are occurring when people make appointments, but fail to come in the medical office on the day of appointment. In most cases, people forget about the appointments made by them. Most of the medical offices are depending upon the two popular methods to decrease the patient no-shows. The first approach is to call up people who made appointments and remind them about their appointments. Another approach is to charge a certain amount of money if the patient did not inform the concerned health care provider, 24 hours before the appointment time.

Both approaches are not successful every time. In the first case, the office staff is available only during office hours to make the reminder calls. Sometimes, patients are too busy to take up these reminder calls during their office hours. In the second case, if the patients have to pay for no-shows, then a negative impression will be created among the patients about the medical office or doctors. The patients will not take a second chance to fix an appointment again with the same doctor, but instead they will find another health care provider. A virtual medical office receptionist is helpful in solving these problems to provide valuable service to the patients. jitendra swarup md

A medical answering service can call up the patients to remind their appointments at any time preferred by the patient. The service will send reminders to the patient’s landline number, cell phone number, or send text or e-mail messages. This virtual receptionist service can take multiple calls simultaneously, and the service never gives a busy tone when the patients call the medical office. If there is an emergency phone call, then the automated system will connect the patient to the doctor without any delay. The virtual medical office receptionist will note down the information and responds promptly to enhance the communication between patients and doctors. It also helps the health care provider to organize clinical and patient records properly.


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