A Guide to Shopify SEO from the Experts

It might be easy to build a Shopify page, but it takes a while to get to the top of search engines. The idea that businesses can build this page and expect people to come doesn’t apply anymore. At this age, it’s crucial to have top strategies to succeed in competing against other stores. They also compete for the same audiences and sell the same product. It helps to have a more robust online marketing campaign. In this regard, Shopify SEO companies are a huge help. 

Structure the site well

The first step is to optimize the site structure. It should be easier for potential customers to find what they want. The most common mistake is to create subcategories under a category before seeing the product. The problem with this method is that it confuses the users. Instead of finding what they want, they have to go through a long process. They might feel turned off and think of it as a waste of time. They will immediately leave the platform and look for other options. Try to simplify it if possible. Remember that even if the goal is to optimize the page, the intention is still to appeal to human users. They deserve to have a smooth experience in browsing the website. A well-organized e-commerce platform will also allow Google’s algorithms to crawl the content easily.

Apart from the product page, there should also be an About Us and Contact Us page. They help in solidifying the company’s reputation. These pages show that the company means business. The contact page provides detailed information about how to reach the company. For people with inquiries and suggestions, they will know what to do. Having a search box is also necessary. It doesn’t have a direct impact on search engine optimization, but it allows users to find what they want. It improves the experience in browsing the website.

Boost site speed

Another excellent strategy is to boost site speed. It helps improve the overall user experience. Start by removing unnecessary elements on the site. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when building Shopify and include elements that shouldn’t be there. They delay the loading speed and turn off potential customers. Instead of browsing the rest of the page, they decide to leave. Sliders are also unnecessary and have to go. They also contribute to the slowing down of web speed. For images, smaller and optimized versions are better. Graphics are also an excellent addition, but only if they play a significant role. Otherwise, they need to go. On average, people will only wait for three seconds. Anything beyond it will make them decide to leave. 

Optimizing the website for mobile devices is also another strategy. It needs to be responsive. Regardless of the device used, there won’t be an issue in opening the website. A responsive website doesn’t only improve user experience but also increases the chances of ranking high in Google. It even boosts the number of repeat visitors and potential conversions. 

Target the right keywords 

The best way to determine the keywords to optimize is by thinking about what the users want to have. Imagine being the person searching for information online. What keyword will be the most appropriate in searching for the product? Which keyword is easiest to type? Create a list of at least five topics that are relevant to the product. There should be a variation of the primary keyword too. While there are keyword tools that help in targeting the right keywords, there are other options available. Start by understanding the buyer persona. Determining what they want will help in targeting the best keywords. The next step is to join forums and subreddits. When people discuss topics related to what the company offers, it’s easier to know the repeated keywords used. Social media hashtags are also useful. They became viral because people use those words. 

Apart from keywords typed on a device, voice search is also becoming popular. People use voice technology for a more convenient search. Therefore, having a voice search optimization strategy helps. People use longer keywords when finding information using voice. It’s not the same as the regular keywords typed on devices. Experienced Shopify SEO companies understand how this modern technology works and have strategies to help businesses stand out.

Build the product pages

The most crucial part of Shopify websites is the product pages. People browse them to locate information about what they want to buy. They will start with the homepage and move to the product collections. The information on these pages has to be clear and concise. Users must find what they’re looking for immediately. Not all of them are patient enough to go through every page. The top-selling products should appear on top.    

The next step is to optimize title tags for different categories. The titles need to be catchy enough so users will open them. They should contain the most relevant information about the products for sale. The descriptions should allow users to imagine what the product is like upon receipt. The challenging part of buying items online is not to see how they look like before delivery. The best way to help potential customers is by creating great descriptions.

Content marketing is necessary

After building the page, the next step is to promote it. More people will view it if there’s an effort to build links online. Create guest blogs and spread links across different platforms. When more people click on the link, there’s an excellent chance that they will buy the products. It also helps in the effort to rank higher in Google. These links are useful for Google’s algorithms to determine relevance and authority. 

Shopify SEO companies are there to help 


Determining the best way to stand out can be tough, especially with the number of stores using the e-commerce platform. The only way to get things done quickly is by asking for help from Shopify SEO companies. They can provide excellent and unique strategies to increase brand awareness and conversion rates.